“Excellent service!”

-Maude Castonguay

“I have been filing my taxes since 2015. Very good service. I would recommend it”

-Helene Margaret

“It was my husband who pushed us to have our taxes done with Satgur Accounting. Never have we been treated so well by an accountant. Over the 2-3 years that we did business with them it was fast and efficient! Thanks to all the staff!”

-Sandra Major

“Great services”

-Gurwinder Kaur

“Brilliant service 👍”

-Parminder Singh

“Great services”

-Anish Pillai

“Great Services.”

-Manpreet Kaur

“Excellent service”

-Tushar Sharma

“The best services”

-Ahmed Razwan

“Great experience and service”

-Gurfateh Sandhu

“Good service and good price!”

-Sam Macrame

“Great service. I recommend!”

-D L

“Experienced and knowledgeable person. Good staff.”

-Ramesh Kumar

“Great service and very professional.”

-Peter Olaoye

“Overall the service quality is excellent. I have no complaints whatsoever.”

-Crupy Lil

“Three words: Punctual, Polite and Professional. Been going there for three years and foresee many more.”

-Alaric Schofield

“Best Service in Montreal. Good work bhaji proud of you.”

-Jatinder Singh

“I’m very satisfied with his services can’t complain in fact his service is the best”

-Dhillon Harminder

“Mr.Gurwinder Shekhon is really a knowledgeable guy and their services are remarkable. Highly recommended”

-Kulwinder Singh

“Very professional and best service. Highly recommended for your taxes.”

-Barud Arthr

“I’m with them I hav easy service I send just my documents by email and they the job for me.”

-Taoufik El Arfaoui

“I filed my taxes this year for the first time and had great experience. I think I found my permanent accountant.”

-Claudian Marchand

“I have been their client for the past 4 years and they do a great job.”

-Ivana Sharma

“One of the best CA in the Montreal region. The staff clears your doubts – as quick as a flash. Highly recommended.”

-Kaashvi Sharma

“I have being client here for more than 4years now and their service is very personalized, efficient and have flexible pricing too. I’ll recommend them without hesitation.”

-Pricica Ateh

“Great experience, everytime. The job is done right away. Been their client from 4 years now”

-Swaran Singh

“He is excellent,,good advisor ,intelligent and have good nature
No matter if he takes some time for filling the taxes but he handles the file excellently,I think he makes you happy by his work”

-Narinder Singh Bagri

“I’ve been client of Satgur Accouting services past 4 years. They have very professional team and very fast at the services.”v

-Deepak Kumar

One of the best CPA I’ve ever seen in Montreal. Very nice person and he takes care of me like his own brother. Love you brother. I wish you good luck and prosperity.

-Wahidul Alam

“I always get top of the line service. Very punctual and answers any questions you have have, I am always confident with using Satgur Accounting Services CPA inc.”

-Kiki Gee

“I went with my husband to file taxes and the person was really helpful. He stayed late in the evening for our appointment and along with filing our taxes he gave us really useful guidance. Will definitely recommend.”

-Anu Dhingra

“Very Professional service. The company is super responsive to queries. Sir pays a lot of attention to detail. Extremely happy with the services.”

-Tushar Pandita

“Really nice service. Have been filing taxes every year with them since past 5 years and never had a complaint. He always guides for future as well.”

-Sahil Dhingra

“Reliable, always caring to listen to all details, and business change from one year to another. Been more then 5 years i file my tax with them and hope to keep doing that for long years to come.
happy to be in their care.”

-Roger W.

“Mr.Gurwinder Shekhon is a very professional and knowledgeable guy. Thank you for keeping my business taxes in shape and providing me tips on how to save money and do even better for my business. A trust-worthy, reliable, and dependable service.”

-Henri Moreau

“I have been using their services from last 3 years and having great experience. They were very professional and quick responder.”

-Sukhdeep Singh

“We’ve been filing our taxes with Gurwinder for 5 years now and we’ve never had any issues. We’ve always received reliable and professional service. We have recommended him to several friends!”

-Kiernan Patenaude

“Very professional service. I went for cheap service somewhere last year but this year i came back again because just for saving few dollars i screwed my taxes. Guys don’t go for cheap advertisements, that may cost you a lot later.”

-Sidaq Kaur

“I’ve been filing taxes with Satgur Accounting for couple of years now and I am satisfied with the services provided. No complaint so far. Moreover I have recommended few of my friends to him and they are happy customers to him now.”

-A Setia

“Excellent service! Have been filing taxes with them for more than 4 years. Very professional, punctual, polite and patient. Thank you Gurwinder for showing us how to save money. They are cheap too!”

-Beninweck Ndambi

“We have been filing taxes with Gurvinder for the last 5 years. We always got a very good service. He is very polite, reachable and punctual about all the things. He always advice us about the areas we can save some taxes. I always recommend him to all my friends who are looking to file taxes and will continue doing so.”

-Abhishek Chaudhry

“Great service. We have been going to Gurwinder for 3 years now, every year he is punctual, helpful and always kind and respectful. He really help with my self-employed taxes – he is always aware of extra areas where we could save and how to get the best return we can. Highly recommended.”

-Isabella Scurfield

“I was looking for a new accountant a year ago, and after investigating several different ones, I came across Satgur Accounting. I am glad that I chose him! Right from the very first meeting, I knew that he is different from others. I could sense his dedication to excellent service and understanding the unique needs of each customer. I went on to receive amazing work and superior customer service, the likes of which I had not received from past accountants, and that is why I was searching for a new one. Their dedication and attention to detail clearly shows that they are committed to doing the job right and they care about their customers. I’m very happy with him and definitely recommend him!”

-Charlot Leandre

“I have been doing business with Satgur Accounting Services for 3 years now and I have nothing but good things to say about the services provided. They make it easy and personal. I work for a company that takes a lot of pride in customer satisfaction and so I have very high standards when it comes to customer service. Thanks you and looking forward for another great year!”

-Eric “Végane Bi-polaire” Godin

“We are filing our taxes with him since 2011. We never had any problem. He is so professional and we are very happy with the relationship that has been established. As first time small business owners the learning curve for financial growth & stability was steep. From day one we received expert advice & guidance on our business financials & that expertise continues to this day. The health & well being of our personal finances was interwoven into our relationship with professionalism & care. We have learned a lot & benefited from the entire team. Highly recommended.”

-Rimi Khan

“great services ! very happy with my outcome of my taxes.”

-Shannon Oneill

“Despite taking two+ weeks of filing time, Mr. Satgur and the team were not compromised on the quality of work and professionalism on the file. The first time I used their service and earned the confidence to continue furthermore years!! I would recommend working with them with great trust!! Kudos!!”

-Babu Remy

“I have been using their services for almost 5 years now. They are the best. They were always able to get me the best returns.”

-D Arora

“This is my second year (2022) doing my taxes with “Satgur Accounting Services” and I am really happy, they do help you with pending points, they clarify everything before they complete the process and so far it has being everything fine. highly recommended.

2021 – First time doing my taxes with Mr Gurvinder, quick response and everything super clear, I highly recommend this service.”

-Enrique Fiscal

“The most trusted CPA you can have in Montreal.
I have been a client since 8 years and 100% satisfied. 💯💯”

-Sanjay Bhandari

“Almost a decade of using Satgur Accounting Services and I never felt the need to even look elsewhere. They’re professional and prompt. I look forward to continued business with them”

-Kevon Folkes

“Best cpa in town. Handles my business as well as personal. I have never seen a cpa handling each file by himself and not just leaving it to employees. Very respectful and warm nature. Highly recommended!!!”

-Jasvir Bajwa

“It’s been more than 3 years that, I am taking their services. They are professional ,reliable and efficient. The staff is very polite and i would highly recommend .”

-SukhReet Kaur

“They are just awesome. Very friendly and responsive.

I have been filing my taxes for about 6 years with them and they always get me nice returns.”

-Akashdeep Singh

“Great Service! They are highly Professional and Understanding. I have been filing taxes from last 3 years and their service is always upto my expectations. I Will definitely recommend Satgur Accounting.”

-Guneet Saini

“I been taking service for last 10 years never disappointed. Good Accountant geniunely cared about finding us a quality audit firm. We received responsive calls and emails to set up meeting. Highly recommend.”

-Naren Ptl

“I’ve been with them since 2010, for my income taxes. They are very prompt and do an excellent job. Everything is done electronically and professionally. Their team are quick to respond to questions. Their prices are also reasonable and the turnaround time is very quick.”

-Lahoussine Fekhar

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